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About Me

Walker Rustic Designs was founded by Julie Walker. Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Julie is one of those elusive natives! After a long career in the automotive paint industry, Julie took her passion for woodworking and turned it into a business; creating and building pieces from reclaimed wood and reusable materials with new and repurposed embellishments.

When Julie is not building, she is either fishing or searching Northern Nevada and Northern California for unique and reusable materials.

Walker Rustic Designs cares about the environment. It is our mission to reduce, re-use and recycle as much of the materials used for our designs as possible.

Contact us and let's design a piece especially for you!

Little-Known Facts About Walker Rustic Designs (WRD)*:
  • Owning a WRD will give you softer skin.

  • WRD's are known to grant wishes to those who own them.

  • Owning a WRD will improve your love life.

  • A WRD can solve all your problems.

  • Owning a WRD will lower your cholesterol.

* Disclaimer: None of this is true.

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